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Princess Cool Steamer (332834)

Princess Cool Steamer

Price: Rp 1.485.000
Weight: 15 Kg
Length: 0 Cm
Width: 0 Cm
Height: 0 Cm


  • Negara Asal : Holland
  • Kemasan dan Pengiriman : Dus
  • Keterangan :
    • Comes with an adjustable stand to drape the hose over and handy folding clothes hanger to allow your garmens to be freshned up or decrease with precision
    • Ideal for freshening curtains, clothing, matress or furniture
    • The heat of the steams allows all of kinds material to be hygienically cleaned and kills off dust mites
    • Easy to clean
    • Capacity 1.8lt
    • 1500watt

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